Not Without Gloves - Review


Not Without Gloves - Review

Not without Gloves  written, directed and produced  by Lena Mattsson is an intense and evocative black and white postcard capable of making us reflect on the profound human fragility that 2020 has incredibly amplified with the anguished advent of Covid.

This experimental film is a powerful distillation that summarizes the slow passage of time, the dilution of days and hours;  and the necessary -  tragically obligatory - presence of the gloves, symbol of protection and detachment.

A slim piece of plastic around our worried hands that tried to protect us from illness but at the same time distanced us further and further from human warmth and the concreteness of life.

The beautiful music of Conny C-A Malmqvist accompanies us on this short journey where we can rediscover how nature, although compromised, has been a companion and an inspiration, a shelter and  a dream.

A super short film  delicate like a caress, one of those that can be felt even through a screen, and tender like a lullaby.