The Unspeakable by Lena Mattsson

The Unspeakable by Lena Mattsson

The Unspeakable is a video installation considering questions about the family and potential misfortunes
luring beneath the happy surface.

Family happiness might change quick as a summer wind and maybe life and death walk hand in hand in an eternal circuit where all living has a meaning and even the dead  help us in our wrestling with important existential questions.

This video installation is dedicated to the memory of the most beautiful white lily I’ve ever seen.
You `came to us, bringing a hope of light, and left us with the hardest questions ever posed to us.

You`ll always remain in our thoughts as a pretty flower which live for a short summer to shine bright and clear in the garden of life.

Special thanks to:  Konstnärsnämnden/
The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
Music: Andi Almqvist
Copyright: Lena Mattsson