In the Shadow of Truth

Lena Mattsson’s film projection In the Shadow of Truth with Bo Cavefors Film installation view Malmö Konsthall, Mellanrummet 2018.

Welcome to Malmö Konsthall, Saturday 8 December 2018, 3 pm

Den kulturelle onanisten (The Cultural Masturbator) videostills by Lena Mattsson

FILM SCREENING: Two films about Bo Cavefors by Lena Mattsson
Saturday 8 December, 3 pm
C-salen, Malmö Konsthall

The artist Lena Mattsson has documented and filmed Bo Cavefors for many years. Now will two film versions of these works be shown: 
I betraktarens öga (In the Eye of the Beholder) from 2014 and 
Den kulturelle onanisten (The Cultural Masturbator) from 2015. 

Lena Mattsson’s synchronised video triptych 
I betraktarens öga was shown in 2014 at Moderna Museet Malmö. Both the video triptych and the documentary film shed light on the life and times of the myth, man and human being Bo Cavefors. 
The film has English subtitles and is 35:29 minutes long. The music was specially composed by Conny C-A Malmqvist. 

In the film Den kulturelle onanisten (The Cultural Masturbator) Lena Mattsson focuses the camera on questions about censorship; censorship is something both she and Bo Cavefors have been exposed to. She illustrates in an artistic and poetic way, the right to express oneself in words and images. The film has English subtitles and is 34:20 minutes long. 
The music is composed by Conny C-A Malmqvist and Andi Almqvist.

Lena Mattsson gives a short introduction to the films. Don’t miss the exhibition Bo Cavefors förlag – an unbounded story of culture in Mellanrummet.

Free, but limited number of seats.

Image: Bo Cavefors. Film still from The Cultural Masturbator by Lena Mattsson, 2015

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